Trade & Exhibitors

Information, Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions.

Until Further Notice Pegasus Fayres will abide by Government Guidelines at all Events during the Covid 19 Regulations


  1. Bookings are accepted only on the basis of the description of products and/or services detailed on the exhibitor booking form. Any additions or deviations must be with the approval of the organiser prior to attending.  The organiser reserves the right to ask you to remove any items/services that have not been previously declared.

          1a. Booking Forms are required for ALL events and must be returned within the given period, you cannot

                expect us to merely keep transferring your information onto forms for you as we do not have the time.

         1b. Please give full details when booking on what you sell, exactly how many tables you require, what it is

                your selling, if displaying sign's, what equipment you will bring so that we may provide you with the

                correct amount of floor space.

     2. Sub-letting or sharing of stand space must be with the approval of the organiser prior to attending

     3. Where any stand is a mix of reading/therapy and/or products a higher priced stand rate will apply and only allowed by the organisers permission in advance.

    4. No extensions or widening of stands is permitted without prior agreement.  All signage and equipment must be  clearly described on the booking form and must fit within the stand space purchased.  Whilst the organiser will endeavour to accommodate signage etc this cannot be guaranteed.

    5. Drawing pins, Velcro, sticky tape etc must not be used to attach posters etc to the walls of the building. Blue-Tack is permitted but please take care as damage charged for by the venue will be passed on to the exhibitor.

    6. Exhibitors are required to provide their own extension leads in case they are needed.

    7. All tables must be covered with a cloth that covers all sides of their stand.

    7a. Upon arrival, should you feel you need an additional table/s, where space allows a subsequent charge will have to be made. [Please see one of the organisers]

8.  Stands will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  Whilst requests can be made for positions they cannot be guaranteed.  Alterations to stand positions must not be made on the day of the event without the organiser’s consent

     9. Requests for electricity cannot be guaranteed although there is a good supply of power in most venue’s and most stands can be accommodated.  The maximum output per stand must be no more than 3 amps: please ensure your     equipment is checked to EEC regulations i.e. PAT tested, in a good state of repair & use circuit breakers in order to ensure the safety of fellow exhibitors & visitors; all those requiring power must bring an extension lead. Cables must be secured & taped down. Wherever possible the cost of power will be remain free but if the venue requires additional payment then this will be passed onto the exhibitor ensure a good variety of stands/services the organiser reserves the right to decline an application or booking at their discretion.

    10. Leaflets: there will be a designated area for leaflets, which exhibitors are invited to use: all other advertisements & leaflets etc should be confined to the boundaries of the stand; the leaving of leaflets at any other area of the venue including the refreshment area and the toilets is not allowed.

    11. Your participation in advertising the Event:  The largest expenditure for each show is the publicity generated by the Organiser via the press, by leaflets & programmes, on the radio and other distribution sources for each event.  It is in all our interests that the show is a success and we will be conducting a large advertising campaign for this and subsequent events. Please promote the event on your websites, if you require posters please contact.

Payment and Cancellation All stands for this event must be paid for in full prior no less than 3 weeks before attending the event unless otherwise informed.


  1. Whilst stands can be reserved, a booking is not confirmed until payment is received.


     1a PAYMENTS must from now on be paid in full before the event and NOT on the day of the fair, failure to do

  so will result in you losing your stand. We have made this process easy for you by introducing direct online payment



1bAny payments made by cheque that for whatever reason is NOT honoured will incur an admin charge of £5.00 plus any additional bank charges.

  1. Payment is non-refundable if you the client cancel your booking for any reason at all, and  only transferable by the organisers discretion.  


       The Organisers have the right to CANCEL any booking paid or unpaid at our discretion; a refund would be made if payment has been accepted.

Setting up and Closing Down


  1. Access to the venue is made available as early as we can arrange [see booking forms]

  2. Parking is available free of charge at most venue’s where possible.

  3. Stands are not to be taken down for any reason  prior to the end of the shows, [ Unless Directed otherwise by the Organisers]  but please note all Traders must be clear by no later than 1 hour after closure. [Amended]

Insurance, health and safety and Security

  1. Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of their own stands and their individual insurance to cover stock and equipment

  2. It is the responsibility of each & every exhibitor, performer & speaker to be aware of any current change in legislation that affects their activities & to comply with such legislation

3.      Whilst the Organisers have taken every precaution to ensure a safe & secure environment for the shows it is the responsibility of each stand holder to make sure that they have their own insurance to cover their goods & services as required by law & should have a minimum of £1 million Public Liability insurance & a minimum of £1 million Professional indemnity for any products & treatments given. No responsibility will be accepted by the Organisers for claims made against any products, services or treatments or for any loss or damage to exhibitors stock or equipment.

Readers (Psychic Consultants, Aura photographers, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Psychic Artists, Card Readers)


  1. Only one reader per stand is permitted. Stands cannot be shared

  2. Readings on Retail/ Healer/Therapy stands are only allowed by prior agreement

  3. Appropriate Insurance must be carried.

  4. Spiritual readers are carefully controlled to ensure a balanced and successful show for all concerned.  Therefore, all services must be declared prior to attending.  The organiser reserves the right to withdraw any services not previously declared

  5. Prices for readings/services MUST be clearly displayed.  You must also now display a Disclaimer stating your readings are purely for Entertainment Purposes Only

6.      Readers may be asked to participate in a Feedback system


7.      All Readers are asked to work with confidentiality, therefore no client information should be given or discussed with anyone


  1. Readers should have consideration for the emotional state of the enquirer before delivering any information that could involve personal or traumatic issues.  Readings should be empowering and/or life enhancing therefore, no prediction of death or ill health for the enquirer or someone known to him/her should be made under any circumstances

  2. Care should be taken to balance out a reading or prediction for future destiny with guidance that the client has their own free will choices

  3. Readers need to be mindful of their own mental and emotional health at all times.  Life delivers us all with times of discomfort and trauma, therefore it is  necessary to allow time to heal to ensure that personal issues do not blur readings or that emotions are not passed on to clients.


  N.B   As organisers we feel it important also to outline that we will not tolerate in any manner anyone person causing upset or distress to Readers / Healers or Traders, if anyone has a greivance then please make your concerns known to us the organisers. If a situation warrants that the organisers need to remove individuals or dismiss individuals from attending then this will be done at the organisers discretion, but and unless there are excrutiating circumstances our decisions will be final.


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